Curated exhibitions and concerts available online


The Hidden Archives Vinyl Listening Sessions: Vol 1, featuring Robert Machiri and Atiyyah Khan. GUS Gallery, 3 April 2019. Two vinyl selectors were invited to select material from the Hidden Years Music Archive around the theme of the pan-African diaspora. Facilitated by L. Lambrechts & S. Vos.

Dancing in the Dust: The Mix-Tape Collection of Ben Segal. For this online exhibition we selected 113 cassette tapes from the Ben Segal collection. Through digitisation and curatorial intervention we reconstructed the playlists to resemble the mix-tapes. Curated by L. Lambrechts, C. Solomons, & A. Waggie. 


Record | Memory | Archive. International workshop, public talks and concert series, 5-7 September, Stellenbosch. Facilitated by L. Lambrechts & S. Vos. Event was covered in national newspapers and the concert was filmed: “The Hidden Years”: Musiekargief wil vordering wys”. Die Burger, 2 September 2017, p.6;


Archive in Process: Unpacking the Hidden Years Music Archive. Performance Piece by L Lambrechts, 1-9 November 2016, Stellenbosch University. Within this fluid and ever-changing piece, the archivist’s daily life and routine was performed in front of a window where passers-by could view and interact with the various processes that determine archival collections. The piece was covered in National newspapers on 7 November 2016). See Online: